Our vision is to change lives by igniting unlimited potential of individuals, leaders and professionals through Hypnotherapy, NeuroChangeSolutions and Heart Coherence techniques. We work to clear blockages and reprogram the mind to create new results.


We exist to help people heal and live their most authentic life. Our work is aimed at raising human consciousness to match the new world forcing us to change towards evolution.

Me Beyond Limits

A Futuristic Approach to Leadership Training and Transformation

Me Beyond Limits is presenting a solution for a life-changing transformation workshop. The purpose of this workshop is to guide, inspire, and empower you to change and transform into the highest version of yourself as a group and individual. This tailor-made program is designed to expand you with timeless practical knowledge, and train you using essential tools that will provide solutions to any challenges affecting your life.

To that end, it will give you knowledge, skills and awareness to help you build a solid foundation. These will help you in accomplishing the goals you desire. It will teach and guide you through 6-8 weeks of daily practice and individual guidance to improve your ability to master your emotional intelligence and much more. I am a believer in your greatest expression.

Our 3 Elements

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Self Awareness

We leverage metacognition, the science of understanding our own thinking processes, to illuminate unconscious thoughts and emotions. This heightened awareness leads to transformative shifts, boosting performance and emotional intelligence. Gain clarity, make profound shifts, and unlock your true potential with our scientifically informed approach.

Self Regulation

We utilize the concept of heart-brain coherence, which balances the heart's intuitive wisdom with cognitive processes for effective self-regulation. Achieving this balance empowers you to manage stress, emotions, and decision-making with precision, reducing stress, and improving decision-making. This synergy of heart and mind unlocks your potential for peak performance and success.


Creation isn't just about solving problems; it's the art of envisioning entirely new solutions. When leaders grasp the essence of creation, they tap into their full potential, consistently generating remarkable outcomes. By embracing this mindset, they redefine problems and lead their teams to unparalleled success through innovation and transformation. Ready to embrace the power of creation? Join us in shaping a future of possibilities.